Masst Milk : an initiative of Organic Dairy Foods providing a range of milk made food products along with toned and standard milk for institutional supply and to cater your family need also. We have our own processing plant established and operational at Godardihi, Bankura. It's one of it's kind in entire South Bengal and for the first time also. We maintain high standard of hygine, preservation of nutrition value and full-proof packaging. And the journey continues day in and day out. Daily quality inspection and action maintains the standard which is our unique selling point and also for our business partners.

Glimpses > en-route

Carrier packed

and ready to hit the marketr enlarge


On the eve of official Launch of products at Citi Residency Durgapur enlarge

Productin Set-up

Interior and productin set-up being fixed VIEW

Completion of Phase I

Basic Erection Job enlarge

Erection of Sturcure

The primary Truse erection and Sheeting enlarge to next phase

The Inception

Getting started of the construction job at site enlarge


  • Hotellier

    Subir Ball - Owner - Owner Chain Restaurant

    Time bounded delivery and real quality makes masst milk my choice for my restaurants and food joints.

  • Kabi Dutta - Industrialist - Hospitality Sector

    Have been using Masst Products for my chain Hotel and Hospitality units in different cities, my clients are stisfied with the taste and I am with their high standard of hygine and quality.

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Pasteurization, Kills Harmful Microorganisms By Heating The MILK For A Short Time And Then Immediately Cooling It.

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Worldwide, Dairy Farms Produced About 970 Million Tonnes Of MILK In 2014, From 320 Million Dairy Cows.

Masst Milk Blog
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Throughout The World, There Are More Than Six Billion Consumers Of MILK And MILK Products. Over 750 Million People Live...